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we just couldn't anticipate this. >> an elementary school in shock after the principal is arrested on drug charges. we are hearing from the superintendent. plus, a major break through in breast cancer research that could change the way the doctors treat the disease. and she won gold on the sand in london, now kerri walsh has a number three to look forward to. and take it outside for the live look of sunol. christina loren says we are into fall, but it will be a nice, warm week. you are watching nbc bay area.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. we start with a shocker. a south bay elementary school principal is about to appear in court for drugs. >> this is as students are returning to class. we have bob redell outside the courthouse in palo alto. back, what is the reaction? >> reporter: good morning, m3bña and jon. the principal has such a good reputation, people thought it was a joke. the court hearing is scheduled at 1:30 here in downtown san jose. that is when the prosecutor could formally charge eric dean lewis. the principal was arrested on thursday night for allegedly trying to sell drugs to an undercover agent at a caltrain station in san francisco.
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police found a quarter ounce of methamphetamine. the investigators also searched his office at montague where they seized his computer and other documents and information. this was the first morning back to school since word came of the arrest. parents and the district is surprised especially since lewis was successful during the seven years as an educator. test scores have risen and programs have been put in place and parental involvement increased. >> this is very difficult and very shocking and sad time for the school. i think mostly we will explain to the students that people make bad choices sometimes. these things happen. we have to move on and our job is about teaching and learning. >> a lot of people don't believe he did it. my mom and dad -- i talked to
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them already. >> you don't think he is innocent? >> i don't know. >> reporter: this morning, teachers will talk to students about what happened to their principal and how much information they share will be based on their grade level. the district is sending out a letter to parents. there was nothing in lewis' background. the hiring process is thorough with background and reference checks. they don't believe they could have anticipated this. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. a bar fight leaves one man dead and three others on leave. it started at the dirty bird lounge at 1:00 a.m. the man shot somebody in the bar during a fight and got in his car and drove off. police caught up with him a few blocks away and pulled him over. >> the suspect immediately threw his vehicle into reverse.
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coming directly at the officers. the officers recognized the use ç againd they were forced to shoot the suspect in order to stop his actions. >> the officers fired and they hit the suspect and he died at the scene. now the three officers at the scene have been placed on routine administrative leave while the department investigates. the person shot at the bar is expected to be okay. investigators at this hour are trying to figure out how a body ended up in the middle of 680 causing delays on the morning commute. this happened in the southbound lanes of 680 near the stone ridge drive exit. chp said a driver hit the man in the road killing him instantly. that crash shutdown the area for three hours while officers investigated. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated withú--í investigators. no word on why the man was actually out in the road. new at 11:00, trader joe's
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is recalling peanut butter sold in stores after it was linked to a salmonella outbreak that sickened 29 people in 18 states. this is the product. creamy salted valencia sold in 16 ounce jars. those affected got sick between june 11th and september 2nd. if you bought the peanut butter, throw it away for return it to trader joe's for a refund. a discovery in the fight against breast cancer. researchers with the national institutes of health found the deadliest form of cancer is linked to other cancers. overall, the study identified four genetically types. the findings are expected to lead to new treatments with drugs on the market. marla, we are learning more
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about the deadly hantavirus. the spike in the deer/mouse population and the design of tent cabins could be to blame. the cabins were built in a way mice could easily nest in the insulation. nine people total were infected over the summer. sadly, three of them died. san francisco police are preparing for a town hall meeting to talk about the recent violence in the mission district. an officer in plain clothing shot someone thursday night after the man aimed the gun at the officer. it sparked protests in the district with vandalism on the police station. the meeting will be held at 11:30 at the corner stone church on 17th street. a commerciunity meeting aga
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chevron for the fire last month. that comes as we learn about the separate investigation into the company. the epa was looking into whether chevron is routing pollutants and burning them off into the atmosphere. this report was not related to the august 6th fire. the community meeting will feature speakers from the federalei9s and state agencies. welcome to the first full week of fall. christina loren says it will feel more like summer today. >> it is. today is the coolest day of the week. if that is any indication of where we're headed. it will be a hot first week of fall. maybe an indian summer. a live look at a picture here on the golden gate bridge. hazy. it will clear in the next 15 to 20 minutes. no fog to report. look at the people enjoying 62 degrees already in san francisco. you are on the way to 70. 62 in san jose.
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68 degrees in livermore. the big story in the weather department is the heat that is on the way toward the end of the week. next week we may talk about rain. things are changing. >> keeping you busy. >> job security. thanks. get ready for carmageddon part two. a key ten--mile stretch of the 405 freeway will be closed this weekend. this is video from last year's phase one. most people stayed off the roads. they are hoping advanced notice and perks for riding public transit will keep people off the roads the second time around. >> sounds like a movie title. those things look like transformers. still ahead, keeping up with the world. american education in the spotlight out in new york as top teachers try to figure out why students are falling behind and how to get them back on track. plus, the bay area's golden
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girl shares big news with the world. what she told the "today" show next. and the latest on what appears to be a riot at a factory that builds among other things, apple iphones. we will look at that in business news. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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some new york city schools are making the so-called morning after pill available to students. the department of education says girls as young as 14 will be able to get the plan b emergency contraception without consent. parents have been notified. the city says about 7,000 girls get pregnant by the age of 17 and more than half choose to get an abortion. new york city schools distribute condoms to their students. challenges in the classroom are front and center as the
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education summit begins today. some of the world's best are discussing solutions. >> reporter: the majority of eighth grade students are not proficient in math or science. condoleezza rice says the lack of education threatens national security. j6[e analytical skills is reaso for concern. the idea you have to be able to write based on text and write based on fact and to be able to analyze. these are the skills that even our best students are not acquiring. >> reporter: here at education nation, a focus is on standards in math and reading. secretary of education arne duncan hopes this prepares students for global competition.
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>> asking more of students in reading and math and the primary grades and in seniors in high school. students who graduate high school will be college and career ready. >> reporter: success will mean finding solutions outside the classroom. jeffery canada has been combating students in harlem for more than 20 years. >> we have young people growing up in some places in the country that everything is really against them. they have terrible health care, violence, drugs and gangs in their communities. we have to give those kids an education, but we have to make those communities a healthy place. >> reporter: the solution, educators say, requires a system that focuses on the whole child and not just test scores. in new york city, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. to decision 2012. the election is just 43 days away. early voting by mail is under way in two dozen states.
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president obama meets with the united nations while mitt romney's camp is hoping for a fresh start. romney kicked off a tour of ohio this morning. romney wants to shift the conversation back to jobs and economy and leadership after last week's release of the secret videotape. he wants to focus on more tax information. he gave his taxes out. he is hoping to get back on the attack against president obama. >> you know, you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. we will give him that chance on november 6th. >> president obama releasing a tv ad blasting romney for criticizing 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes without coming clean of his own. the first debate is set for october 3rd. international news now. a chinese factory that makes parts for the iphone 5 is
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shutting down. >> our scott mcgrew says it is hard to get details about what actually happened. >> it is. bloggers are saying the fight involved as many as 2,000 workers and interrupted they say after a foxcon guard beat an employee. honhai says 40 workers were hospitalized and it took 5,000 police officers to quell the violence. that is an astounding number. keep in mind how big these factories are. 80,000 people work in this factory near beijing. this is not the same factory retalk about in chenzhen near hong kong. here is the crowd on friday that stood in line. here is the crowd from outside chicago. the guy walks, oh, no.
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drops his iphone 5. he was so excited and now he's not excited at all. apple said this morning it sold 5 million iphones in the first weekend. that is the astounding number. it falls short of some analysts expectations and apple is trading lower on the stock market this morning because of it. back to you. >> can you imagine that poor guy? all in slow motion. >> he looked like a kid that dropped an ice cream cone. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. i wish i was his friend. we have a good-looking forecast. not just today, but all week long if you like the warmer weather. if you are waiting for the fall-like conditions that we will get in the bay area. the cold and rain. it comes in quickly. we will be waiting for that weather. there is a slight chance next week. i'm watching this system. if it doesn't make it here, we are talking about an indian summer in the bay area.
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we are looking for everything we can. at this point, no rain in the near future. this is the live picture of san jose. you can see it is hazy. we have good air quality all across the bay area. temperatures are really warming up in the perimeter cities. 69 in livermore. san francisco checking in at 62 degrees. a lot of sunshine. still low clouds hanging out in pacifica. you have the texture here all the way up to santa rosa. the futurecast tells a story. the 4:00 forecast, completely clear at the coast. you will be looking out to sea and see the marine layer offshore. it will not push back on until 11:00 tonight. another clear day tomorrow. 87 in livermore. 79 in redwood city. high pressure tells the story. this guy moves in and it builds quickly. this takes the storm track north and taking the rain to the pacific. we will get hot days. temperatures, i hate to say it,
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could closely get to that triple digit mark. 99 degrees is potentially the forecast on friday. 89 for wednesday. temperatures climbing and heating up thursday and friday. mid-90s return. these are the numbers projected inland for livermore. the cities that get warmer could see the triple digits for the first week of fall. that's how mother nature likes to play us around here. back to you. >> she can. thank you very much. how about this story? beach volleyball gold medalist kerri walsh's news goes far beyond sports. she was keeping a huge secret until today. walsh and her husband appearing on the "today" show to announce they are expecting a bouncing baby. walsh says she was 11 weeks pregnant. you can do the math. she was pregnant during the gold medal run at the olympics.
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you talk about a true warrior there. walsh and her husband have two sons, ages 2 and 3. the new addition expect the to arrive in april. three gold medals and a third baby on the way. >> maybe the baby will be an aries. >> i like that. you are talking about the sign. i thought you were talking about a name. to baseball now. i'm a little slow. the giants are playoff bound. that is good news. >> today is the team's final day off before a nine-game stretch to the end of the season. then it is off to the playoffs. the champagne was flowing saturday night as the giants clinched the playoff berth. and it is not just the team that is getting excited. fans and local businesses cannot wait for october. at the dugout store, shirts and giants items are flying off the
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racks. >> they need to expand the store. it is not like they don't own the place. >> tear down. >> the post season starts on october 6th. pitcher barry zito was left out of the 2010 playoff run, but included this time. the plan is to include all five starters in the division service roster. zito or vogelsang will pitch as well. up next, how about cramped quarters? the move san francisco is considering to make small apartments even smaller.
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san francisco apartments could get a lot smaller. the board of supervisors will reduce the size to 150 square feet. the current legal limit in san francisco is 220 square feet. to give you an idea of that size, one of our producers did an experiment. the area in the black tape is 150 square feet. not much bigger than your average parking space. san francisco says the city needs more options for young tech workers. the board is scheduled to vote on this issue tomorrow. >> that is a great video. >> that sounds small. you have room for a ping pong table. >> okay. a flight attendant is accused of taking a passenger's ipad after the owner tracked the device to the woman's home. >> police say the owner from nevada used an app called "find my ipad." she found it in oregon.
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police confronted the flight attendant. she said the passenger left it on the seat. she said she could keep it for a while and turn it in. the police found her personal information on it. the flight attendant has been suspended. up next, a stunt at the emmys sent the twitter world flying. we will tell you what has everybody talking about this morning. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network,
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all right. finally today, the star of the nbc sitcom getting buzz this morning after a stunt at the emmys. >> halfway through the show, jimmy kimmel asked tracy morgan to lie down on the stage and then jimmy asked people to twitter "tracy morgan passed out on stage." the twitter fakeout racked up
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25,000 tweets almost immediately. okay, as for the awards, "modern family" scored for best series and actress and best supporting actor. love that show. "homeland" won best drama and actress and actor. this is the first big emmy win for a showtime series. i should know this. did "breaking bad" do anything? >> best actor and "mad men" shutout. jon hamm still looks good. >> i was in bed. thanks for being with us. >> we do it early. >> stay with us for the news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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